The fibreboard panels manufactured by MSL are among the most eco-friendly construction materials on the planet. The raw material used to produce these panels is 100% recycled wood; deriving from post-consumption residues (around 60%) and post-industrial residues (around 40%). Our panels are made with the utmost respect for the environment and minimize the impact on our forest resources. The panels manufactured by MSL contain natural non-toxic materials. They are dimensionally stable, lightweight and easy to install.

Advantages :
  • Our panels are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable
  • Our panels help obtain credits for green building constructions
  • Our panels are produced with no formaldehydes or VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Our panels offer superior soundproofing
  • Our panels offer a thermal performance (R=3/in.)
  • Our production process operates in a closed-circuit manufacturing method (using less water and zero effluent)
History of wood fibre

Did you know that wood fibre products are natural and ecological products that have existed since the early 1900s?

In the last century, the products have evolved considerably in terms of production and application.

Fibreboard panels are among the most environmentally friendly insulation and soundproofing materials. They are lightweight and easy to apply, providing excellent value. They fit in perfectly with the pursuit of sustainable development and healthy and environmentally friendly construction.

The panels are made from recycled wood fibres, thus easing demand on natural resources. The same wood fibre can be recycled up to seven times. One thousand kg of recycled wood, cardboard or paper is the equivalent of 12 to 17 trees. MSL recycles about 25,000 tons of wood per year, equivalent to nearly 85 million sq. ft. of panels for the construction sector and thereby saving more than 300,000 trees each year. Considering that MSL has existed for over 30 years, this amounts to over 9 million trees saved!

The production of fibreboard panels contributes to the economy in a significant way as it preserves jobs and provides consumers with innovative and healthy products.

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