SONOclimat ECO4

SONOclimat ECO4

The most environmentally friendly insulation panel in Canada.

The SONOclimat ECO4 insulation panel is made entirely from recycled and recyclable wood fibres. The SONOclimat ECO4 panel provides a thermal resistance value of R4, an unparalleled permeability to water vapour of 25.9 perms, robust structural properties (5.84 kN/m) as well as impressive sound attenuation properties. The SONOclimat ECO4’s high water vapour permeability enables moisture to exit the wall structure, thereby preventing the development of mold and decay. The SONOclimat ECO 4 panel can be used as insulation for exterior and interior walls and contributes to obtaining credits for ecofriendly construction programs (LEED, Green build, Novo climat 2.0). The SONOclimat ECO4 panel is ideal for all eco-friendly constructions and passive house projects.

  • Exterior walls
  • Interior walls
  • Tiny House
  • Passive House
  • Town House

House extensions


Commercial buildings


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